AluConcept is more than a processing
           enterprise. Formed from the GHD and
         Kendall Companies, AluConcept is the
        complete handler for the industry that
       places service in the foreground of trade

     We have been practising this service for
    our customers for many years. Perhaps
    this is also one of the reasons why we
   have been able to grow to such an extent?
   Or is it the thought-out system of our
   quality assurance? Whatever it may be -
   we are extremely proud of our growth
   and even more proud of our customers,
   who make this success possible.

    AluConcept already advises customers
    long before the actual project work begins.
     Ideas are discussed within a circle of experts
      and solutions are recorded. Samples are
      manufactured, so that the product can be
       subjected to extensive practical tests.
        Then the manufacturing follows, from
          cast part to the final product - sanded,
            polished, chromed, coated...







           ...HIGH QUALITY

                                           Of course, we also feel committed
                                             to environmental protection. Thus,
                                                the galvanic baths are filtered with the
                                                    most up-to-date technologyEven more:
                                                        our Company is the model operation for
                                                             the complete purification of water.