Fine vehicles triumph because
                                                                  of their design and attract
                                                                  acknowledging glances. Apart
                                                                   from shape and colour, it is also
                                                                   the internal and external details
                                                                   that give the decisive style.

                                                                   We assist during the development
                                                                   and implementation of such ideas.
                                                                   These can be cup holders, rotary
                                                                   buttons or buttons with the visual
                                                                  effect of aluminium for upper class
                                                                  vehicles. Or gleaming chrome outer
                                                                 door handles and gear shifting gates,
                                                                 not just for high-class limousines,

                                                              Our own laboratory for the develop-
                                                             ment of processes and surfaces
                                                            makes our work efficient – in the
                                                           interests of our customers.